About ETNA

Etna Prestige Technology, Inc. is a company of engineers dedicated to maintaining flawless performance in every phase of facility operations. We can not only maintain and repair all the capital equipment in your work environment, but also design and implement complete electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems. Our experience includes, but is not limited to:

Your operation will run more smoothly because we identify and correct problems before they can bring work to a standstill. Your goal is zero tolerance regarding machinery and equipment failure – our goal is to get there and keep you there. Engineering expertise and relentless preparation allow us to understand your requirements before we accept the job. Whether you are migrating to a new client/server system, upgrading cargo racks, or installing intrusion alarms, our experience in every facet of industrial and commercial maintenance can be a valuable resource in your daily operations.

Etna is staffed and equipped to fill your needs. The majority of our people have at least one engineering degree, and our company is linked in strategic partnerships with such vendors as Microsoft. Our engineers are also backed by the latest testing and diagnostic devices to identify and assess problems and to prevent them from recurring. With a facility that houses the most sophisticated equipment and tools, Etna has selected an ISO 9002 registrar for certification in 1999.

It’s the quality of our service that sets Etna apart, because your call will be answered by your project manager – the person most familiar with your systems and schedules. Etna’s staff is on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to respond immediately when you need us. Highly trained technicians and Etna’s fleet of fully equipped vans ensure fast and efficient on-site service.

The combination of reliability, responsiveness, and appropriate resources adds up to economical control of all your maintenance operations. It always costs less to do a job right the first time. Etna has demonstrated the truth of this axiom to all of our satisfied clients.