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Integrated Materials Handing Systems

Etna provides highly specialized technical services for computerized integrated material handling systems including al electrical, electronic and mechanical applications – even those with PLC – powered equipment.

Specifically, you can depend on our experience with:

  • Elevating Transfer Vehicles(ETV’s)
  • Workstations
  • PLC Programming
  • Stackers
  • Ball decks
  • Roller decks and conveyor systems
  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Pumps, gear boxes, mechanical and electrical components, and more...

Etna specializes in organizing, integrating and maintaining ETV’s for loading and unloading cargo planes (ULDs), along with all intermediate transfer stations, pallet, racks, storage racks and cargo moving equipment.

In addition, our services include troubleshooting and repair of all photoelectric sensors, safety equipment and bar code readers.

Whether a single project or an all-inclusive systems maintenance program, Etna’s capabilities ensure a smoother operation for our customers.